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Electric vehicle online introduction

Electric vehicle online, focusing on people's travel, focusing on the scientific and technological media in the field of electric vehicle intelligent travel.

Electric vehicle online officially launched on May 10, 2018, named "electric vehicle online", is a new generation of professional media focusing on the electric vehicle industry, characterized by market segmentation, dedicated to providing comprehensive channel information, product information, and industry cutting-edge information for electric vehicle travel, electric vehicle business and consumers.

We focus on electric vehicles, as well as supporting areas of electric vehicles! We will introduce the electric vehicle as an environmental protection travel tool for consumers, and at the same time, we will provide a basis for consumers to buy electric vehicles through a large number of real evaluation data. At the same time, we should publicize the products, expand the brand influence, open a powerful sales and display platform for the good brand, and establish a channel marketing network.

Tel:+86 18576652759

Address: Shenzhen, China


Objective: respect facts and Science

Justice: speak with data!

Focus: we only electric vehicles and electric vehicle supporting industry!

Respect the objective facts, be fair and just, and create a new industry media focusing on electric vehicles and electric vehicle supporting fields!


QQ: 21399611618, or please send it to tougao@ddccn.cn. We will choose whether to publish or not according to the quality of the contribution. Once published, it has the ownership of the manuscript.

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Demand position:Website editor
Job responsibilities: pay attention to all important or interesting news in one or three industries; complete the planning, writing and preliminary editing of medium and long articles according to the requirements; control and complete more than 2 project system contents every year according to the plan; assist to complete some offline activities of content orientation.
Job requirements: college degree or above, Chinese language and literature or related major, like outdoor, cycling; curiosity, awe, execution and teamwork spirit; clear logic, fluent writing. Ability of shooting and editing video is preferred.

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