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Classic national bicycle two eight bar from the past, until now represented by leisure, health, fashion FNIX high-end athletic cycling and fengcheng recreational vehicles in China, Shanghai phoenix, gives a brand-new interpretation of the traditional bicycle brand, established focusing on bicycles and related industries, and committed to leading the public green, cycling, the quality of the leading health, fashion life. Shanghai phoenix, has formed a set of bicycles, baby buggy, electric vehicles, medical equipment and other products production, development and sales as one of the group enterprise; In terms of industrial structure, product structure and market structure, deepening adjustment, out of a brand management, industry extension of the international development road; Innovation and development, research and development of green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly products, actively create an ecological and harmonious living environment, leading the Chinese manufacturing leap again.

  • Company:Shanghai phoenix bicycle co. LTD
  • Address:Block 6, no.518, fuquan north road, changning district, Shanghai
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  • E-mail:phoenix_bicycle@sina.com

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