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Shenzhen lexing tianxia technology co., ltd. was founded in December 2012 by top domestic and foreign industry experts and scholars, 985 universities, nyse listed companies and venture investors. Changing life with science and technology and leading life with intelligence are lexing's dreams. The company is committed to continuously improving human life with intelligent somatosensation interaction technology and intelligent robot technology, combining cloud computing with data analysis and intelligent execution terminal to provide perfect personalized services for users, so as to create a scientific and technological life that is different from what we thought. Therefore, lexing and its team will try their best to strive for the improvement of user experience and product progress. Currently, the company distributes balance vehicles and intelligent travel business sectors, covering multiple categories of products such as two-wheel balance vehicles, single-wheel balance vehicles, floating shoes, twisting vehicles, electric scooters and portable micro electric vehicles. The products sell well in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and enter mainstream chain channels such as Media Markt in Europe and Best Buy in the United States, with 1,452 offline experience stores and 200,000 senior players. Music world's mission is to make life interesting, let everybody the life of the zero burden, smart travel department contains balanced car and intelligent travel two direction, is a leading industry attitude algorithm and motion control technology, motor driver technology, interactive technology, intelligent body feeling remote positioning and remote control technology, and a cool APP. At present, lexing world has successfully developed 2 generations of two-wheel balance cars, 4 generations of unicycles, 2 generations of scooters, 2 generations of micro electric cars and 2 generations of twisters, achieving a sales volume of 1 billion yuan.

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