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Established in 2004, knife group is a large scientific and technological enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales. Its main products include electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric tricycles. Knife knife with a knife to science and technology co., LTD., wuxi electric technology co., LTD., jiangsu eutopean royal electric technology co., LTD., guangdong knife knife electric technology co., LTD., sichuan new energy technology co., LTD. And subsidiaries, tianjin, wuxi, xuzhou, dongguan, chengdu five research and development, production base, with a total area of about 300000 square meters, sales network throughout more than 30 provincial-level administrative region. 15 years of industry exploration, knife with strength to cast the rapid development of the enterprise. More than 10 fully automated production lines of international standards support the annual production scale of 4 million knives and electric cars; Motorcycle road tester, motor tester, double source frame fork fatigue testing machine and other industry first-class advanced testing equipment, forging knife electric vehicle excellent quality. Over the years, with its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, it has won the trust and support from domestic, European, south Asian and other foreign customers. More power, knife technology. Focus on research and development and intelligent construction of a more powerful electric car, is the pursuit of knife tireless. With a focus on industry-university-research cooperation and close cooperation with a number of domestic universities and research institutions, it absorbs and cultivates high-end technical talents. Therefore, it has established a r&d center with extremely core competitiveness. The original "three-speed electric vehicle" (patent no. : ZL2015100327446), "adaptive power-saving and energy-storage brushless dc controller" (patent no. : ZL200920302780X), "intelligent electric vehicle drive system (patent no. : ZL2012202871234)" and other invention patents, utility model patents and appearance design patents amount to more than 200, filling in a number of technical gaps in the industry. In 2017, the explosive growth rate of knife was 70%, ranking first in the growth rate of electric vehicle industry. In 2018, the knife electric bike developed and designed in accordance with the new national standards passed the national 3C certification one after another, and the knife electric motorcycle published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology catalogue went on sale one after another. Committed to creating a green, harmonious travel environment knife, constantly with stronger product power to promote the electric vehicle industry towards a standardized, standardized track! In 2019, xiao dao signed a contract with Louis koo and Yang zi as image spokesmen, opening the double star endorsement mode. From manufacture to creation, from follow to lead, from domestic to foreign, knife, constantly seek development in innovation, forge glory in progress, and gradually enter the ranks of the first brand in the electric vehicle industry.

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  • Address:No. B4, road 2, jiuyuan industrial park, tianjin
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  • Telephone:022-22401000
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  • E-mail:xdebike@126.com

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