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Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: Niu), founded in 2014, is the world's leading smart city travel solution provider. The company is committed to providing global users with more convenient and environmentally friendly smart city travel tools, changing travel and making city life better. Novo electric is the first lifestyle brand company in the field of urban travel in China, spreading the brand concept of technology, style, freedom. So far, NIU POWER, NIU AERO, NIU AERO and other products have been launched. Mavs electric M1 and U1 are the only two travel products that have won the grand slam of 7 major design awards in the past 20 years, including German red dot, German IF, American IDEA, Japanese g-mark, Chinese red star, Taiwan Golden pin and Hong Kong DFA. As the world's leading lithium two-wheeled electric vehicle company, mavericks electric has created a new category of intelligent two-wheeled electric vehicles. NIU Energy™ rui electricity ™ AI independently developed 4th generation NIU Energy™ lithium battery system technology, which enables longer battery life, longer battery life, lighter weight, higher safety and stronger power. At the same time, NIU INSPIRE's own NIU INSPIRE intelligent technology and big data algorithm, through sensors throughout the body, multi-dimensional collection and analysis of user data, mining user cycling needs, constantly optimize the distribution of product lines, improve product experience and services. Since its inception, nivee has maintained rapid growth. Up to the first quarter of 2019, nivee has sold more than 710,000 smart two-wheeled electric vehicles globally, and has 881 brand experience stores and exclusive stores in China, covering 180 cities. It has entered 28 overseas countries and carried out electric vehicle sharing and fleet management business with partners, providing products and technical support for many sharing operation companies including Revel in the United States, Gourban in Austria, Scooty in Belgium, MOVO in Spain, Econduce in Mexico, Indigo in France, Kwikli in New Zealand and so on.

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