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Emma AM1 electric motorcycle


Founded in 1999, Emma technology co., ltd. has made remarkable achievements in the field of electric vehicle industry and become a real leader in the electric vehicle industry. Emma technology has won the recognition of consumers across the country. The first company in the electric vehicle industry to obtain the four-star after-sales service certification, 2014 CCSI five-star customer satisfaction evaluation in China, achieving an impressive tax of nearly 300 million yuan. Emma technology actively advocates energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon travel, and pays attention to the practical application of green and clean new energy in personal transportation. Honesty, innovation, care and dedication, teamwork, as the values of the enterprise, to care about the development of people and the relationship between man and nature for the enterprise's own code of conduct, to the world's new energy personal vehicle leader as their responsibility. We attach great importance to the rational thinking between science and technology and humanity, life and nature. The unity between science and technology and humanity is illustrated by the actual actions of enterprise management, and efforts are made to promote low-carbon environmental protection activities, so as to become qualified corporate citizens expected by the society. Emma technology, based in tianjin. In jiangsu, henan, guangdong and other places to actively promote local production, through the scientific national strategic layout to meet the actual market demand.


  Vehicle size: 1529*635*1036mm

  Motor: 350W Bosch motor

  Battery: 48V20AH lithium battery

  Tyres: 2.5-10 vacuum tyres

  Hub: aluminum wheel

  Brake: front and rear hub brake

  Controller: 6 tube controller

  The wheelbase: 1086 mm




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