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Lvyuan MG5 lithium electric motorcycle


Luyuan electric car, reliable and less trouble. Safety, battery life, anti-theft. From 1997, 22 years such as a day to do electric cars, continue to lead the development of electric car core technology.   Luyuan is the founder of electric vehicle industry in China, the promoter of electric vehicle industry standards, the innovator of electric vehicle safety technology, and the leader of electric vehicle industry progress.   As one of the first brands to enter the electric vehicle industry, it has a history of 22 years. Luyuan group has vehicle production base in zhejiang, zhejiang supporting production base, vehicle production base in shandong, guangdong vehicle production base, production base in jiangsu, fujian base for battery and Vietnam vehicle, covers an area of 2000 mu, annual production capacity of 6 million units, sold more than 70 countries, with more than 13000000 domestic users, more than 11000 sales outlets, meticulously health had a foothold in the national sales network, at the same time with steady steps into the international market.   At present, there are three categories of products, which are suitable for students and white blue-collar workers to travel, general series for family use, and special series for takeaway, express or mountain people, involving models of lvyuan turtle king, lvyuan sports and lvyuan simple model, which can meet the needs of all kinds of people.   It has three major intelligent technology systems -- intelligent security system, intelligent battery life system and intelligent anti-theft system, which can fully guarantee the safety of use, improve battery life and optimize anti-theft experience.


  Range: 70km

  Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery

  Battery specification: 60V20Ah

  Battery cycle life :2000 cycles

  Full battery: 2.5h

  Motor stability temperature control: 50°C


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