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The tripartite cooperative mainland will promote the landing of unmanned vehicles in China
Intelligent transportation is an important part of smart cities, and electric driverless cars are one of the most effective ways to solve urban problems such as traffic congestion and environmental pollution.
2019/12/20 11:43:42
IZOA EV power information exposure with 150kW motor
Recently, we obtained the power information of faw Toyota IZOA EV from the ministry of industry and information technology.
2019/12/20 11:35:19
Didi chuxing: will use NVIDIA technology to develop autonomous driving
NVIDIA and didi chuxing announced today that didi will use NVIDIA gpus and other technologies to develop autonomous driving and cloud computing solutions.
2019/12/20 11:13:26
Traffic police concentrate on electric scooters
Traffic police investigate electric scooter, balance car illegal on the road
2019/12/20 11:01:27
An electric scooter is not a "car" man on the road who killed a cyclist has been sentenced
At 7:48 am on June 11, this year, Chen rode an electric scooter with no license plate to go to work, near guangyao third road in qingyang district, due to the lack of brakes, a collision with old lady hu, causing hu's head and other injuries.
2019/12/20 10:57:51
Jiangsu new energy vehicles through the whole industrial chain
"In 2018, the sales revenue of new energy vehicles and key" three electricity "enterprises in jiangsu reached 64.08 billion yuan
2019/12/19 14:58:45
Google map update search function can be retrieved according to charging standards
Finding a charging station for an electric car, for now, is far less convenient than finding a filling station for a gas-powered car. On the one hand
2019/12/19 14:50:26
2020 is worth looking forward to a few new energy electric joint venture
In recent years, with the strong support of national policies, the domestic new energy automobile industry has been developing rapidly.
2019/12/19 14:43:15
The battery life of the MINI plug-in hybrid version increased to 27km
Recently, MINI announced that it will increase the power battery capacity of the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid model, thus improving its pure battery range, which is expected to reach 27km.
2019/12/19 14:30:00
Next year 4 new products, mustang new energy accelerate new energy layout
On December 18, the signing ceremony of cooperation between mustang new energy vehicle and China national cycling team was held at Beijing laoshan cycling Olympic stadium.
2019/12/19 14:06:11

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