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Traffic police concentrate on electric scooters

2019/12/20 11:01:2732DDCCN0

Traffic police investigate electric scooter, balance car illegal on the road

  Traffic police investigate electric scooter, balance car illegal on the road

  In the last two years, more and more electric scooters began to appear on the road, because of the speed, small size, low cost, become many people's means of transportation. But because it is a taxi tool and the department of traffic control banned on the road. A man was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years, for causing death by negligence in the first death by an electric scooter in sichuan on the morning of December 17.

  On December 18, chengdu traffic police four sub-bureau on the electric scooter, balance vehicles and other vehicles on the illegal road for a centralized rectification, and in-depth enterprise safety travel publicity. The traffic police department reminded that electric scooters, balance vehicles and other taxi tools are not allowed on the road, the police will increase the investigation and punishment of this kind of illegal behavior, found together, investigated together.

  After 10 am on December 18, at the intersection of second ring road west section ii and guanghua village street, a young man pedaled "fenghuo wheel" (electric balance vehicle) from the intersection was stopped by the police of the fourth branch of the traffic police. "Mainly used to get out of the house. This is faster." The young man said that he spent more than 1,000 yuan to buy the car, but the merchant did not tell him that he could not go on the road, so he went on the road.

  Later, the police explained the relevant laws and regulations on the spot. According to the "road law" and other relevant provisions, pedestrians are not allowed to use skateboards, roller skates and other skating tools on the road, and will be fined 20 yuan according to law. After learning about the relevant laws and regulations, the young man said that he would not use the balance vehicle road, and the balance vehicle folded up and left.

  "Most of the users are young people who want to commute to work." Liao min, deputy captain of the second largest team of the fourth branch of the chengdu traffic police, said that more than 10 cases of riding electric scooters and balancing vehicles were stopped in qingyang district alone that morning.

  Traffic police remind:

  Electric scooter belongs to the sliding tools

  Driving on the road is not allowed

  In addition, in order to let more young people and employees understand the relevant laws and regulations, the fourth branch of the traffic police also conducted relevant traffic safety training in a number of enterprises and explained the illegal cases. At the same time, a number of business representatives also participate in the "no electric scooter road, safe and civilized travel" initiative.

  "Electric scooters, balance vehicles and other 'taxi tools' do not have the right of way. They are not allowed to drive on non-motorized roads, let alone drive into motorized roads. They can only be used on closed community roads or closed indoor venues." Traffic police four sub-bureau police li guangwei said.

  Traffic police department reminds, in view of this kind of taxi tools on the road traffic violations, chengdu traffic police will increase the investigation and punishment, found together, investigate and punish together, to ensure road traffic safety.

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