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Go to the village! Linyi city free registration of electric bicycles listed!

2019/12/20 15:02:083DDCCN0

Since the launch of the e-bike registration on December 1, the city's traffic police departments act quickly. Measures for the convenience of the people were quickly rolled out.

  December 18, hedong traffic police brigade police in the review of the masses of electric bicycles.

  Since the launch of the e-bike registration on December 1, the city's traffic police departments act quickly. Measures for the convenience of the people were quickly rolled out. Traffic police went deep into communities, schools, markets and other places to carry out e-bike registration and publicity activities. The city from the initial nearly a hundred registration sites quickly increased to a thousand, greatly convenient for the masses.

  Hedong district: "mobile vehicle management station" to warm the masses

  In order to let the masses in front of the door can give their beloved electric bicycle hang on the plate, recently, hedong traffic police brigade fully launched "mobile vehicle management office". More than 20 mobile teams went into villages and communities to hang up license plates for the masses. See the traffic police are their own door listing, the masses have been riding electric bicycles, with vehicle procedures to register listing. "My electric bicycle has id card!" December 18, in the hedong district liberation east road and dongxing road intersection, the city's two squadron e-bike registration point, a license plate to the public very happy. In the cold wind, the police are busy, patient and thoughtful to serve the masses. Their selfless work of the figure all let the crowd for its thumbs up.

  Fei county: established more than 40 mobile service teams

  On December 18, fei county traffic police brigade police to take advantage of the opportunity to catch the masses for free for its e-bike listing service, the area under the jurisdiction of free e-bike listing business moved, send intimate door-to-door service.

  In the work, fei county traffic police brigade combined with the actual area of jurisdiction, on the basis of the establishment of a fixed listing point, actively organized the vehicle management office and each squadron in the town to form more than 40 mobile service team, deep into the community, schools, rural areas for the masses free listing business. In addition, they also actively coordinated with local police stations to send police assistants to carry out free listing services in rural areas, so that the rural people could hang their cars without leaving the village. According to incomplete statistics, at present the county has more than 30,000 electric bicycles completed free listing.

  On December 18, hedong traffic police brigade police in the guidance of the masses to fill in the e-bike registration form.

  Junan: all for the benefit of the people

  In recent days, junan traffic police brigade actively responded to the deployment requirements of the superior departments, closely combined with the reality of the jurisdiction, with the participation of all, on the basis of each unit, established 51 e-bike listing convenience service teams, vigorously carried out the e-bike listing convenience service activities. So far, more than 50,000 electric cars have been registered.

  In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the listing and registration of electric vehicles, junan traffic police brigade conducted special training for the members of the convenience service team, focusing on the interpretation of the safety technical code for electric bicycles, and studied the classification principles and codes, technical requirements, performance, safety requirements and other aspects. The working process of e-bike listing is clarified and refined, and the key points of e-bike verification and difficult problems in practical operation are analyzed.

  Mengyin: for teachers and students door-to-door service, sincere

  December 18, in order to facilitate the middle school students e-bike listing, mengyin traffic police brigade set up a "mobile listing service team", they go deep in mengyin three yunmeng campus, door for teachers and students e-bike listing. The police carry out a number of services, such as checking procedures, information registration, license plate suspension and business consultation, to provide maximum convenience for teachers and students. The same day, to 520 electric bicycles listed, by the school teachers and students welcome.

  Lin bao rong medium reporter melu sheng correspondent lu yongwen wu yunfu zhang xue wei shanyong

  Licences previously issued may continue to be used

  Recently, a citizen to call the newspaper hotline to inquire: the original in the police station hang electric bicycle license plate can continue to use? To this end, on the 18th, the reporter interviewed the city public security traffic police detachment vehicle management office ding yongsheng police officer.

  Police officer ding said that the original green e-bike license plates with security tags at police stations can be used as temporary license plates, with a three-year transition period.

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