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Original title: hebei to complete chain regulation electric bicycle!

2019/12/20 16:01:194DDCCN0

Recently, hebei province cracked down on illegal production, sales of fake, substandard e-bike behavior, vigorously standardize repair and modification behavior.

  Recently, hebei province office of emergency manage hall printing "on further strengthening the electric bicycle's opinions on fire control safety management work (hereinafter referred to as" opinions "), a comprehensive screening regulation electric bicycle product quality, maintenance, modification and use of the problems existing in the management, to crack down on illegal production, sale fake and shoddy, unqualified electric bicycle behavior, regulating the behavior of maintenance modification.

  The opinions further regulate the production, sale and use of e-bikes from the following aspects.

  We will strengthen production management of electric bicycles. The municipal and county departments of industry and information technology have intensified investigations into defective e-bikes with potential safety hazards and urged enterprises to fulfill their obligation to recall them.

  We will strengthen management of e-bike sales. The market supervision departments of cities and counties and relevant functional departments have intensified the supervision and inspection of e-bike sales enterprises and business sites, standardized the management of e-bike sales and accessories on e-commerce platforms, and focused on cracking down on the illegal ACTS of selling products without certificates or forged certificates, without factory names and addresses and other products of unknown sources. We will vigorously rectify the problem of illegal refitting of e-bikes.

  We will strengthen management of the use of e-bikes. Housing and urban and rural construction departments should promote the construction of centralized parking places and charging facilities for electric bicycles in residential areas, and encourage new residential areas to set up smart and safe charging facilities with functions such as timing charging, automatic power outage and fault alarm.

  To fully launch the villages and towns, streets, and around the village (house) civilian committee, residential district management unit of power at the grass-roots level, strengthen inspection tour inspection, key control electric bicycle "into the building as" a "car roommates" charging "fly line" and other outstanding issues, to urge delivery, express delivery enterprises site set up concentrated charging place, with short circuit protection charging device, automatic alarm, and other functions of security. In case of fire accidents of electric bicycles, the units and personnel responsible for the accidents shall be investigated for their responsibilities according to law, and the responsibility of production, sales and other links shall be strictly investigated.

  In addition, it is necessary to further strengthen the fire propaganda education training.

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