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2020 the 18th China (linyi) new energy vehicles, electric vehicles and parts exhibition

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Linyi new energy vehicle as an important display platform, linyi exhibition in the majority of electric vehicle enterprises attention and support has been successfully held 17 sessions, the 17th session of the successful exhibition area of 50000 square meters.

  138 days to the exhibition:

  March 28, 2020 -- March 30, 2020 (3 days from Saturday to Monday)

  Exhibition location:

  Linyi international convention and exhibition center - luxin linyi economic development zone, shandong province, yihe road west section by bus

  The organization

  Organizers: linyi chamber of commerce, linyi new energy electric vehicle association, linyi chamber of commerce electric vehicle professional committee

  Organizer: shandong geyi international exhibition service co., LTD

  The exhibition to introduce

  Shandong is the third largest market for electric vehicles in China, linyi is the logistics capital of China, and the most important product distribution center in north China, ranking the first three among the top ten industrial product markets in China. As the southeast central city of shandong, cohesion, radiation, driving force gradually improved, linyi is the new rise of the electric vehicle industry base, is an important springboard to open up shandong and north China market!

  Linyi area has experienced several changes in the industry by carrying passengers caravan, caravan production and marketing gathering growth of new energy micro electric car manufacturing base, the town of new energy micro electric car -- China · linyi has been recognized by the industry. Linyi new energy vehicle as an important display platform, linyi exhibition in the majority of electric vehicle enterprises attention and support has been successfully held 17 sessions, the 17th session of the successful exhibition area of 50000 square meters. All previous exhibitions were supported by tianneng group, carbam, shandong qomolangma automobile industry, carbam exhibition %2B business model, bird electric car super large scale appearance.

  At the same time, it brings together hongxun, guangcheng, hongdi, thunder huang, jinyun, Yellow River, penz, entu, truf, jie 'anqi, hyundai Amy, fuju, bestli new energy electric vehicles.

  Baic, haima, jiangling, euler, zotye, yundu, reading, nezha, jianghuai, shifeng, faw xinte high-speed new energy automobile brands.

  Adolf, but person, birds, jialing, wide, high step, arrows, small antelope, developing the country's 300 famous new energy vehicles, electric vehicles and electric vehicle parts brand enterprise, covers the electric car industry, upstream and downstream industry chain covers most of the domestic electric vehicle production and business operation and intention to turnover of 130 million yuan, the linyi electric motor show attracted from henan, anhui, jiangsu, shandong, hubei, hebei, northeast and other regions more than a dozen provinces and cities more than 17100 professional electric car buyers to visit procurement, new energy micro electric car of the township welcome you!

  Fu guan te, road naichi, chi naheng, tianlan global, suzhou dachuan, gold parker, giant lithium battery industry support!

  The 13th five-year plan (2016-2020) presents new opportunities for new energy, and clearly proposes a revolutionary strategy for energy production and consumption in China. The launch of "made in China 2025" has left a huge space for the future development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles. In the next five years, the r&d and production of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will explode, which is a new opportunity and challenge for each independent brand.

  Good to the new energy electric car industry development of big situation, the 17th simmering linyi electric motor show, to meet the demand of more new energy electric enterprises exhibition, the 18th electric motor show planning and expand the exhibition area, linyi international conference and exhibition center 2 hall, outside enlarge the north-south plaza at the same time, the total planning exhibition area of 60000 ㎡, lithium battery at the same time zone, look forward to various electric vehicles and new energy automobile enterprise to the 18th linyi ac electric motor show.

  The cost

  1. Standard booth :(3m×3m) single opening: 3000 yuan/piece, double-sided opening: 3600 yuan/piece;

  (three or two panels, one negotiation table, two folding chairs, Chinese lintel production, booth peripheral cleaning services.)

  2. Indoor light floor: 36㎡ minimum rent (excluding any exhibition tools, designed by exhibitors themselves) domestic enterprises: 200 yuan /㎡, foreign enterprises 100$/㎡; (the space shall be uniformly equipped with electric boxes by the exhibition hall. The cost shall be calculated separately. The management fee for special installation is 10 yuan /㎡, which shall be paid by the exhibitor)

  3. For other forms of cooperation, please contact the organizing committee.

  Area: 60000 square meters

  Exhibits range

  New energy vehicles (passenger vehicles/commercial vehicles) : hybrid electric vehicles (micro hybrid, light hybrid, medium hybrid, heavy hybrid plug-in hybrid), pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen energy, natural gas and other new energy, clean fuels, hybrid electric vehicles and various low-emission, environment-friendly and energy-saving vehicles.

  Lithium battery: Various types of lithium-ion battery, adapter power two rounds, three rounds of electric vehicles and new energy automobile polymer lithium battery, graphene battery, power battery module, and PACK cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, battery diaphragm, graphene materials and other related information of battery lithium battery with stirring, coating, the roll, slitting machine, producer, winding, assembling, baking, into the shell, dehumidification, filler, seal, welding and into related equipment, testing instruments and spare parts of lithium battery shell, very ears, blocked shots, cable, battery monitor/fire equipment, spare parts processing equipment, etc Lithium battery environmental protection equipment, cascade utilization, recovery and treatment technology

  Pure electric vehicles, electric cars, buses, bus, solar electric vehicles, electric cleaning vehicles, electric sightseeing car, electric truck, all kinds of wagon, electric golf cart, electric tractors, electric police patrol car and community command vehicle, electric two-wheelers, electric tricycle, electric carriage, low-speed electric cars, motorcycles, fuel moped, special electric car and old car instead of walking, etc.;

  Spare parts: motor and electric control system, power supply (lithium battery and battery), lithium battery manufacturing equipment, charging device, tire, axle, low-emission energy-saving engine, hybrid engine and clean fuel engine, power battery and management system, vehicle bus and control system, energy storage device, etc. Energy management system; Power capacitors, flywheels, inverters, electric heat pumps, electric power steering, electric air conditioners, power modules and other related materials, processes, technologies, related testing, monitoring, testing, safety protection equipment, maintenance, manufacturing equipment and tools;

  Charging facilities: charging station project planning and results display, charging station charger, charging pile, distribution equipment, transformer, cable and other related infrastructure; Rechargeable battery and battery management system, power monitoring system, power supply solutions, etc.

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