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CPU hidden electric scooters, deer placenta hidden luggage was checked

2019/11/13 14:53:5814DDCCN0

More than 513 cpus in the battery case and 176 bottles of deer placenta in the suitcase...

  More than 513 cpus in the battery case and 176 bottles of deer placenta in the suitcase...

  CPU hidden electric scooter man smuggling detected

  Recently, the luohu customs, affiliated to shenzhen customs, seized a case of a male passenger smuggling 513 cpus into China by converting the battery box of an electric scooter, with the estimated value of about 400,000 yuan. At present, the customs has filed a case for further investigation.

  At about 16:00 on the same day, luohu customs officers through video monitoring found that a young man did not have any carry-on luggage, only pushing an electric scooter through the luohu port entry. During the inspection, the customs officer found that there were many metal scratches and screw movements on the surface of the electric scooter, and the scooter was extremely heavy.

      Customs officers put the electric scooter into the X-ray machine for inspection. The picture analysis showed that the battery box at the bottom of the scooter was abnormal and suspected of smuggling. After disassembling the battery box of the electric scooter, the customs officer found a batch of new cpus packed with newspaper and tape neatly stacked in the battery box. After inventory, a total of 513 pieces of cpu-estimated value of about 400,000 yuan. After preliminary investigation, the parties to help others with the goods clearance.

  Shenzhen customs remind all passengers, according to law, to hide, disguise, conceal, misrepresenting or other ways to evade customs supervision, transportation, carrying, mailing countries ban or restrict inbound and outbound goods and articles or goods or articles shall pay taxes in accordance with the inbound and outbound means of smuggling, shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

  The passenger was caught with 176 bottles of deer placenta

  In addition, shenzhen evening reporters learned from shenzhen customs, west Kowloon station customs in guangzhou-shenzhou-hong kong high-speed railway west Kowloon station port recently seized a passenger carrying high-value beauty health products case, a total of 176 bottles of deer placenta capsule, preliminary estimate case value of about 400,000 yuan.

  It is reported that customs officers on the same day in the entry hall of supervision tasks, through the X-ray machine inspection way locked a female passenger. Customs officials said that the passenger was carrying three large luggage, and the inspection image showed that a large number of single items were placed in the luggage, which obviously exceeded the number of items carried by normal passengers and had not been declared to the customs.

  Duty officers immediately intercepted the passenger and seized 176 bottles of a certain brand of luplacenta capsules in his three suitcases. It is understood that the market price of this kind of placenta is about 2000 yuan per bottle.

  At present, the above cases have been handed over to the customs anti-smuggling department for further investigation and handling. The customs department reminded that residents and passengers should not carry items acquired overseas beyond the "reasonable quantity for their own use", and should declare to the customs in advance when carrying extra items into and out of the country, otherwise they will bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

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