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Found guangzhou auto show: less rules more "wild fun"

2019/11/25 11:32:066DDCCN0

Guangzhou auto show, although labeled as "international", is still positioned as a second line. At the top five international auto shows,

  Guangzhou auto show, although labeled as "international", is still positioned as a second line. At the top five international auto shows, especially some of the "century-old" cars show signs of fatigue, guangzhou auto show is still "wild growth". Compared to Shanghai and Beijing domestic round zhuang, less rules, more "wild fun."

  The ones that came and the ones that didn't

  Internationally, this year, Japanese companies do not buy Frankfurt account, European companies do not stand in Tokyo Taiwan. The exhibition economy is not as bad as it used to be, not because of the age of austerity, but because it is a by-product of information transmission that has become cheap.

  But guangzhou is different. The first-line auto show was woefully scrutinised for who had come, while guangzhou was bold and dry and showed "who had not". Just like this, you can't go wrong.

  Some people joke that the car show is like a wedding. Most people don't pay attention when they come. Different from the absence of big brands in the first line of the auto show, guangzhou auto show first line of Europe, the United States and Japan multinational car enterprises, round and round. Absence of the traditional enterprises zotye, brilliance, nazhijie, cheetah, huatai, lifan, changan suzuki and other 11 car enterprises, each has its own difficulties, cherish the point of the road and exhibition fees. Not much public opinion has expressed regret for his absence.

  Most of the new powers do not see the show as the only stage. And with the exception of a few top carmakers, most of the new powers have yet to come up with mass-produced products. Wei ma, wei lai, xiao peng still led more than 10 new forces to participate. Among them, weima, xiaopeng and nezha all produced new products.

  You don't have to ask about the data. In October, the wholesale volume of passenger vehicles totaled 1.905 million units, slowing to a 5.9% year-on-year decline and an estimated annual decline of more than 5%, according to the association.

  However, the popularity of guangzhou auto show is still in the four figures. Among them, 38 cars were launched globally and 10 cars were launched by multinational companies. 30 concept cars, including 17 international brands and 13 domestic brands. There are 182 new-energy vehicles, 70 of which belong to multinational enterprises.

  The organizing committee's event announcement shows over 70 brands holding 67 press conferences on media day. When the auto show started, Lao ji broke his leg. Step number brush most friend circle first? No, because they have a lot of journalist friends.

  The lively atmosphere at the auto show seems not to match the popularity of the auto market. On the market, new energy consecutive decline for four months, China association of automobile manufacturers will also be new energy annual sales forecast reduced to 1.4 million units, but it should be seen that this is only the policy impact of the pain period, the impact of subsidy recession is gradually fading. Remove the subsidy "official plug - in", the market mechanism to play a greater role. If the new energy is not a failure, it shows that its product power still has a lot to do.

  The main course to

  At this year's auto show, the number of new energy vehicles accounted for less than 20%, but in the voice of the dominant, pure electric once again become the focus of public opinion.

  Gac new energy AION.S, audi Q2 e-tron, Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered, arcfox-gt, roewe RX5 eMAX, skyline ME7, peng P7, xinti GEV1, kia K3 pure electric version, Peugeot e-2008, proton X...... With 400 km range as the starting price and 500 km as the standard for luxury electric vehicles.

  The new power's general focus on electricity has not caused much stir. The reason is simple: no matter how high the tone is, the volume is not enough. And now, the main course.

  Full switch to electric multinational car companies, subsidies will be completely on the decline, just released into the battlefield countdown. Vw pure electric ID. Although the family has made its debut in China, it is still quite impressive. And the new forces shouted down the schedule but repeatedly jump ticket different, ID. The compact pure electric SUV, as a light cavalry, will be made in faw-volkswagen in a few months, and the hatchback pure electric ID.3 will be launched by Shanghai Volkswagen.

  Unlike the "10, 000 deliveries" the new power seeks, faw-volkswagen and saic-volkswagen are used to selling 20, 000 hot style models a month. When it came to new energy, the newly admitted public did not dare to ask big, even did not shout out the sales target. But there is no doubt about its production schedule or its "internally controlled" sales target.

  Why? Not simply because of faw and saic two tough role, but because Volkswagen and Toyota, like playing the system. The MEB and PPE platforms have not been seen yet, but MQB and MLB platforms have plenty to offer. The former reaches 10 million level, the latter also will reach 1 million level.

  No one expected short battery supply from Volkswagen, low yield of PACK, over-design of BMS, short-circuit of PACK wiring harness, etc. These are the pits the new powers have trodden, or used as a reason to jump. Vw came late, but from the start showed a mature batch planning, quality management system and supply chain.

  Of course, the giant will inevitably recall and quality cauldron. Among first-tier car companies, Volkswagen is known for its willingness to eat crab. The DSG paid a heavy price, but in China vw has not squandered its lead and reputation. Bet wrong, back to the origin; Bet the right way, drop an opponent.

  Strategic adjustment is at the right time

  The only people in China who can wrestle with the public are Japanese. While it is hard to see the big three as a group, there are many similarities in the way they organise their supply chains and their attitude to new technology. Toyota awkwardly revised its strategy to "put equal emphasis on hydrogen and electricity", and in China it was already leaning towards EV in 2017. Guangzhou auto show, the first listing of pure electric "yi ze E qing" a little lonely, mixing is still its master.

  Both countries, however, have chosen evs with lower barriers to entry and better access to core technologies. Neither hybrid nor hydrogen, which Toyota excels at, has gone mainstream. Ten of the biggest battery companies, one in Japan and two in South Korea, are all Chinese. Panasonic battery in the energy density and cost of the lead, still can not shake the capacity and industrial chain integrity of the advantages of Chinese enterprises.

  This is the prospect shown by the guangzhou auto show: although the production and sales have been stuck in a slump, China has formed a complete industrial chain of new energy. For the first time in China, multinational carmakers are using Chinese suppliers for key technologies, as are autonomous, new powers.

  Toyota and panasonic, byd, ningde times have cooperation agreements. When tesla came to China, it seemed to abandon panasonic and turn to LG, lishen and ningde as spare tires. However, all good supply quality stability, spare tire has become a positive spring.

  Electric cars aimed at China must focus on a range of more than 300km or face reality. The subcompact EV(with a range of about 100km) has no market here. All car companies at the guangzhou auto show agree.

  The concept of autonomous driving, Internet of vehicles, and AI cockpit, while more or less visible, was far less popular in guangzhou than in Shanghai. At the guangzhou auto show, showing off the technology is secondary, the key is to have an account of the mature market.

  It is imperative that we quickly come up with an EV platform that spans multiple vehicles. Japanese enterprises in this respect a little too hard, start behind, hit to attention. The pattern of guangzhou auto show will soon reflect the auto market in 2020. This is the biggest value of guangzhou auto show.

  New power hasn't been as successful as tesla for a while because the system is incomplete and the platform strategy isn't obvious. It is worth noting, however, that there is no such thing as a last-minute conversion of fuel to electricity for new and traditional carmakers. This fully reflects that the expectation of switching tracks next year is unprecedented. Those with a positive attitude and ready to fight are planning to have a big fight next year.

  It is obvious that the temporary slowdown of the big plate of economy is transmitted to the car market, so that the latter cannot be isolated. Rather than wait for the upturn, it is better to jump into the EV race next year, a clear signal from the guangzhou auto show. It is better to start earlier than to overtake in the corner.

  Car companies know where to go.

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